Softaculous Applications


All 100 Percent Renewable plans include Softaculous Applications Installer which is accessed from the cPanel and DirectAdmin control panels.


An application is a piece of software designed to manage, enhance, or add functionality to a web site. Examples include blogs, guestbooks, forums, image galleries, and e-commerce systems.


The software is installed in your hosting account as a collection of files and directories.


The amount of space required depends on the application, but can range from a few kilobytes to upward of 60 megabytes.


Many applications also require a database to store additional data. MySQL is the database system provided with 100 Percent Renewable web hosting, and Softaculous handles the database setup and configuration.


More detailed information may be found on the Softaculous web site.


Web Sites


Softaculous applications that can be used to create and manage web sites include Sitemagic, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.


e-Commerce applications that can be used to create and manage business web sites include osCommerce, Zen Cart and CubeCart.


A discussion forum web site may be created and maintained using phpBB.


Documentation for these applications may be accessed from the links provided within Softaculous.


Web Site Addons


Other Softaculous software that may be used to enhance a web site include Advanced Guestbook for visitor comments, Coppermine for an image gallery, phpMyCounter for statistics, and iTron Clock.