Direct Clean Renewable Energy


  Data Center   Montreal  
Electricity Grid Quebec
Electricity Producer Hydro-Quebec
Electricity Production Percent of Total 2016
  Category Fuel Type   Category Fuel Type  
  Fossil   0.0%  
    Coal     0  
    Oil and Diesel     0  
    Natural Gas     0.0%  
  Nuclear   0  
  Renewable   100.0%  
    Hydro     95.4%  
    Bioenergy     3.6%  
    Wind     1.0%  
      100 Percent Renewable  



Deisel powered electricity production in small isolated communities, not connected to the general Quebec grid, are not included.


A value of "0" indicates that there is none of that fuel type used in electricity generation.


A value of "0.0%" indicates that some of that fuel type is used in electricity generation, but the amount is so small that when the percentage amount is calculated, with an accuracy of one decimal place, the figure is 0.0%.


The figures show that this data center has a 100% renewable energy generated power supply which is also:


Direct because it is transmitted from the renewable energy source to the data center, without being mixed with electricity from non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels or nuclear energy.


Clean because the renewable energy source does not have, nor produce, any toxic residue, such as hydrogen sulphide or sulphur dioxide.




National Energy Board Canada, Canada’s Renewable Power Landscape 2017 - Quebec