Web Site Hosting


A web hosting provider is a business that rents out space on their computer(s) to place web site pages so that other people using the internet can find them.


The web hosting provider will have Name Servers (a minimum of two) for their computers. These have to be included with the domain name registration information.  The domain name is then said to be delegated to those computer addresses.


The important variables in the packages on offer (apart from, but which actually determine, the rental fee) are:


Disk Space:
The amount of disk storage space required in gigabytes (GB) to hold the web site pages.  The space required will depend on the size and complexity of the intended web site.


Data Traffic:
The data traffic (also referred to as bandwidth) is a measure of the number of people who visit the web site, how many pages they look at, the complexity of the pages they look at, and what they download. So the traffic is a measure of the amount of information, measured in megabytes, but often advertised in gigabytes (GB; 1 GB ~ 1000 MB), being read from the web site.


The data traffic requirement is difficult to estimate because it depends on the interest of other people.


A subdomain is an area of the web site that is considered to be a particular sub-section of it, and the files for that section are kept in a separate folder, but it is still obvious that it is a section of the main domain.


Additional Domains:
An additional domain is an area of the web site hosting that is usually not considered to be a sub-section of the main domain.  The files for this area are also kept in a separate folder of the main domain, but a different (additional) domain name is used to direct people to this folder. This is functionally like having another web site, without having to rent more web site hosting.


Control Panel:
Allows the web site owner to create, re-direct, and filter email accounts; to create subdomains; to install Let's Encrypt SSL certificates; to install an application from Softaculous; and to view the visitors to the site, etc.


The control panel facility can only be accessed by username and password.