Data Center Montreal

Direct Clean Renewable Energy


The data center, owned and built by OVH is new, has a modern energy-efficient design, and its location is Beauharnois, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec. OVH has also built its own world-wide fibre-optic network to which the data center is connected, allowing rapid data transfer to both Europe and Australia.

    The data center uses clean renewable energy directly from the 1 km wide, run-of-the-river, Beauharnois hydro-electric power station located just 300 meters away from the building.


The dam is operated by Hydro-Quebec, which is wholly owned by the Government of the Province of Quebec.
  The data center, housed in what used to be a Rio Tinto Alcan alumnium plant, has a hollow cube rack design to allow waste heat to rise by convection and exit through a central ceiling vent.


This, combined with water cooled server processors, removes the need for air conditioning, which reduces the total electricity power requirement to about half that of "traditional" data centers.


Additional information about the data center, may be obtained from this OVH video.